Improve your application of EMDR with a systemic understanding of parts and an energetic and relational appreciation of AIP... 

You save $30 and have a whole year to complete the courses, compared to six months if bought separately.

Hi, I’m Bruce Hersey

This bundle is for EMDR therapists to learn to integrate IFS into their EMDR practices for safer and more effective processing. IFS-Informed EMDR requires at the very least a basic understanding of IFS. Of course, the more the better. This bundle includes IFS for EMDR Therapists as a first course in IFS for those with no IFS background or as a refresher for those with minimal IFS. For many, it is enough to make sense of the central course; IFS-Informed EMDR. Discovery: IFS-Informed EMDR with Blended Protectors builds on the central course by focusing exclusively on EMDR processing of protectors. It is recommended that the courses are taken in that order.


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