This Bundle contains four courses:

  1. IFS for EMDR Therapists
  2. IFS-Informed EMDR
  3. Discovery
  4. The Coherent Self & System

Hi, I’m Bruce Hersey

This bundle is for EMDR therapists to learn to integrate IFS into their EMDR practices for safer and more effective processing. IFS-Informed EMDR requires at the very least a basic understanding of IFS. Of course, the more the better. This bundle includes a basic introduction of IFS in the context of EMDR (IFS for EMDR Therapists), and the central course; IFS-Informed EMDR. Discovery: IFS-Informed EMDR with Blended Protectors builds on the central course by focusing exclusively on EMDR processing of protectors. The Coherent Self & System: IFS and Memory Reconsolidation can be taken at any point, but may be useful to do so earlier as a way to gain deeper comprehnsion when this topic is referred to in the other courses after gaining a solid understanding of IFS.

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