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IFS-Informed EMDR - 6.0 CE

The Internal Family Systems Interweave

Prerequisite: Registrants for IFS-Informed EMDR must have completed EMDR basic training and have familiarity with the IFS model either through workshop or retreat experience.

This workshop does not provide training in either model. It assumes participants have knowledge of both. Reading IFS doesn't quite do it sometimes. There is a process aspect to it, and experiential, video, or demo exposure gets that across in a way that reading does not. If you do not meet this requirement, use the time before the workshop to meet the IFS prerequisite.

My experience has shown that participants with minimal IFS experience struggle to integrate the material. If you haven't already begun to use IFS principles in your practice, you will not optimally benefit from the workshop.

Take IFS for EMDR Therapists to satisfy the IFS prerequisite.

Links to other providers of IFS workshops to satisfy prerequisite:

The Center for Self-Leadership

Derek Scott/IFSCA

Jay Earley, PhD/Personal Growth Programs

Bruce Hersey

This online workshop presents a specific view of ego states in the context of EMDR therapy & proposes additional practical scales besides SUD & VOC for measuring their properties, as well as elaborating useful ways of obtaining target elements in the assessment phase, by superimposing IFS concepts upon the standard protocol.

If you are like many other EMDR practitioners, you have found yourself at times struggling with ego states, resistance, overwhelm, and difficulties establishing target states & maintaining effective dual attention. Francine Shapiro understood this early on when she supplemented the Standard Protocol with the Cognitive Interweave. Many others have since suggested various other interweaves and supplementary or alternative protocols, as well as Resource Development and Installation (RDI).

Internal Family Systems, a systemic ego state model, when superimposed on the EMDR process provides an illuminating map of the process and can serve as a guide in selecting appropriate interweaves or interventions at critical points throughout the EMDR standard protocol.

Participants will learn that functional Dual Attention requires Self-Presence and the co-presence or activation of a Target Part in relationship to the Self. This workshop promotes the understanding that many problems commonly encountered in EMDR can be averted by recognizing this principle, and applying simple practices taught here.

While adhering to the standard definition of EMDR, the workshop compares IFS concepts to those used in EMDR and provides additional perspective to the IFS-trained EMDR therapist with regard to the appearance of ego states, defenses, and relational phenomena, especially as they transpire in the course of phases 3 and 4.

These methods will be demonstrated via actual session clips and guided individual experiential exercises. Learn to integrate these two models in creative new ways, enhanced by some Coherence Therapy concepts derived from Memory Reconsolidation research.

Your Instructor

Bruce Hersey
Bruce Hersey

Bruce Hersey, LCSW, is an Approved Consultant in EMDR and also a Certified IFS Therapist & Consultant.

Having completed IFS Levels I, II & III Training, and as a repeat Level One Program Assistant, he has passionately imparted his deep understanding of the model by teaching numerous introductory IFS workshops, leading IFS consultation groups, and providing individual IFS consultation.

He has presented at the IFS International Conference several times, and has been teaching workshops on the integration of EMDR & IFS since 2013.

Additionally, Bruce has extensive experience in Clinical Hypnosis & Sex Therapy.

Contact Bruce for online consultation (zoom video) on the integration of EMDR and IFS, or toward certification in EMDR or IFS at $150 for a 45 minute session.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
This course starts now and you have six months to complete it.
How long do I have access to the course?
You have access to this course even after completion for the same six months, starting on your enrollment date.
What Continuing Education credits are available?
EMDR, IFS, and professional CEs: This course is approved for 6.0 CE distance education through EMDRIA (EC provider #17025), and psychologists, social workers, and counselors through Commonwealth Educational Seminars. You may then use the Commonwealth Educational Seminars certificate for 6.0 IFS recertification CE when you recertify through the IFS Institute.
Are there any prerequisites for this course?
You are expected to have completed EMDR basic training and have taken at least one (hopefully more) IFS workshop. now offers a 3 hour course that satisfies the IFS prerequisite: IFS for EMDR Therapists. One cannot expect to learn the basics of either model from this workshop. It is a workshop designed to INTEGRATE the two models, so you must already be familiar with both.
How do I contact the school owner?
The owner/operator of can be reached by email at [email protected] or 1-814-944-3852.

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